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Now with blue sealing membrane: Command and alarm device for the food industry

Wuppertal, 28th May 2015. For the first time, Schmersal is extending its comprehensive range of command and alarm devices for the food industry by adding devices with a blue sealing membrane. This new blue sealing membrane means the N-range not only fulfils the requirements in terms of sealing and hygiene-compliance, it also meets the requirement of making foreign bodies in foods traceable using optical systems. In order to meet this requirement, it is recommendable to use the colour blue in the food industry – for example in the exposed seal – as no foodstuffs are naturally blue. This is why Schmersal has a whole range of new blue push-buttons, illuminated push-buttons, mushroom push-buttons (some of them illuminating), or emergency stop mushroom push-buttons which were previously only available with black or white sealing membranes. Of course, these N-range devices are made exclusively from food-compliant materials.

The N - program was developed specifically for the food industry and other hygiene-sensitive applications. The product range consists of a large portfolio of command and signalling devices, also a variety of accessories (blind stoppers, rotary drives for potentiometers, step switches and main switches, etc.), all of which fulfil the principles of " Hygienic Design ". This means: The operating devices are designed so that no contamination can settle; as their geometry has no corners and edges, which allows them to be cleaned easily. At the same time, they are characterised by their excellent service life which is required by the IP69K degree of protection, as this guarantees that they withstand regular cleaning with a steam cleaner or high-pressure cleaner.

The command and signalling devices in the N range from Schmersal are also suitable for use in production areas with the highest clean-room classification (air purity class 1 according to ISO 14644-1). They have also been tested by the food and packaging testing and certification body of the DGUV for suitability with hygiene-sensitive applications: these tests showed that the control devices could be used in meat loading and processing machines without posing any hygiene risks.

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Schmersal is extending its range of command and alarm devices for the food industry by adding devices with a blue sealing membrane.