The „Schmersal Safety Services“: Qualified Services for Robotics and Handling Technology

The Schmersal Group is presenting itself as a specialist for machine safety at the „Automatica 2014“. Apart from the 25,000 different products that the Schmersal group offer manufacturers and users they also offer industry-specific solutions and a broad portfolio of services.

One focus of the fair is the newly structured „Schmersal Safety Services“, which also includes the Application Consulting. Certified Functional Safety Engineers advise clients on the selection of the appropriate protective device, with the CE conformity assessment and risk assessment. They also carry out technical safety analyses on existing machines on a worldwide basis.

With an addition service, the Application Engineering, Schmersal focuses on the operators of safety controllers in the Robotics and Handling Technology. Customer specific software modules are developed for them, which allow optimal adaptation of safety functions for individual applications. Additionally they also carry out commissioning. 

With specific issues, Schmersal engineers and members of the CE Network can be called upon. The independent engineering offices involved in this Network are specialised on machinery and plant safety and have considerable experience and know-how. They draw up risk assessments according to the labour laws and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety (BetrSichV), check contactless protective devices (BWS) including runtime measurements and also check according to Machinery Directive and EMC Directive and other regulations. They also carry out the CE conformity assessment procedure in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. 

An important task, which is primarily aimed at the operators of automatic equipment, is to assist in the safety modernisation of existing machines.

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